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How it works:

  1. Select your Qurban Type  for qurban on Eid Ul-Adha please choose “Qurban – Eid Ul-Adha”

  2. Enter the full name of the person(s) your Qurban is intended for. ( Please seperate names with comma [ , ] Quantity can be changed on the next step)

  3. Enter your Contact: we will contact you by email, letter or phone, letting you know your Qurban’s status. (Due to high demand photographic certificates can’t be guaranteed during Eid Ul-adha, also Photographic Certificates can’t be provided for Qurban registrations after 30th August.)

  4. Go ahead, make your secure payment through Paypal ($5 fee applied)

  5. That’s it….Taqabbal Allah


    Qurban registration will be closed 12pm (AEST) on 1st September 2017. Payments made after this period will be refunded.

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